Earth Quake Update +40,000 died, 2,50,000 injured, 2,00,000 homeless, More than 22,000 children orphaned.

MR. Dilip Kumar Actor, Producer and Director, Dilip Kumar has for many years been a superstar of one of the world's largest film industries, that of India. A number of charitable organizations depend on the large donations he gives, both personally and through his company. This is in accordance with his belief that he should use the rest of his life for the betterment of his fellow human beings. 


Sponosor a child
You can simply sopnsor one of the children who at present are under our care or you can select a particular child from any community that you know off from the region of your choice, in particular children who need support and .....
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Sports Sponsorship
DNCF from past six years have helped many young talented cricketers from the remote areas of Pakistan belonging to the poor families and unable to afford coaching fees.
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Anti Drugs & Terrorism

Majority of people committed in UK & Europe for crime and drug abuse are from the ethnic minority. DNCF believes both of these acts leads to terrorism. The terrorist organisations recruit such minds, in return for financial benefits or... More details...

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